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Weddings seem to have a language of their own. Wedding is an etiquette where two people are integrated in a relationship. Wedding rituals and customs differ greatly between cultures, religions, and countries. Most wedding rituals involve an exchange of promises by the couple to each other by swiping the rings.On this special day both bride and groom dress up perfectly for different rituals.This is a Telugu wedding with different ceremonies ending with an exemplary reception party.

In a cocktail party bride and groom enjoy themselves dancing and spending time with each other. All the guests are invited, they devote their time for the bride and groom.There are different kind of themes for a cocktail party like vintage theme, Bollywood theme, Glitz and Glamour theme etc. All the guests enjoy their appetisers while dancing in the party. 

 The Mehendi Ceremony is one such ritual that is a mandatory part of the wedding celebrations.In this ceremony mehendi is applied in elaborate, intricate designs on the bride’s hands and feet.Mehndi is an ornament  for the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it.

Pellikuthuru in Telugu exactly means Bride. This is the haldi ceremony, where the bride’s family applies haldi to her.At first, all the elders start the ceremony continued by other family members, At the end water is poured on the bride and She drapes a nice saree.

          The groom will have a similar function called Pellikoduku, where the groom’s family members apply haldi to the groom, they all have a lots of fun while this ceremony. Water is poured over the groom and at the end he get’s dressed up traditionally.

The main part is wedding where the bride and groom are dressed up like prince and princess and makes a special entry.Their is a ritual called  Jilakarra Bellam  the couple is asked to place a paste made from cumin seeds and jaggery on each other’s head.This ceremony is observed to communicate that the married couple’s relationship is unbreakable and they are inseparable.Then it is Mangalasutra Dharana means tying Mangalasutram. In order to perform the ritual, the partition between the bride and groom is removed. Then the groom ties the two strings of Mangalasutram each with a golden disc, around the bride’s neck. Appagintalu takes place at the end of the wedding. This is when the bride is traditionally handed off to the groom and his family.

    A Wedding Reception is a party that is held after the completion of all the ceremonies.All the family members and friends are invited to the reception party.For the first time both bride and groom as a  couple together receives the society.

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