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Sneha Sai

Sneha Sai


Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

My photographs will capture a moment of your life that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lifetime. 

The photographs will remind you of love, family, friendship, laughter, warmth, kindness and moments you wish to relive over and over. For me photography is beauty, passion and, Dreams captured in a single click of the shutter.

 I capture the most precious moments of your life that you will cherish forever.I adore each of my clients more than they know, it would be an honour to be part of your celebrations as well. My passion for photography leads me to specialise in weddings and capture people with their real emotions. Weddings are a bundle of emotions ,it is colourful , and amusing.My pictures elevate the beauty and happiness between the couple.I portray the real emotions of people and freeze them so that they can admire it for their lifetime.

Sneha Sai


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