Wedding includes all kind of emotions, happiness, joy, enjoyment.Our work is very different from others because we try to portray the real stories through beautiful pictures , we knit every picture with emotions.We show the Pure love and romance between the couples through our portraits.

You don’t have to worry about that! Our styling team can assist you from selecting the best designer outfits, and help you out with the jewellery, makeup ,hairstyles. We can give you a perfect look from head to toe.

The digital pictures are ready for viewing within 10-15 days after the event/shoot.

We provide you with pure silk books made by craftsmen-Asia’s first full HD albums.
For more information- http://imaazo.com/

We are proud to tell you in the last 10 years we or our clients have never been affected by the data loss , that’s cause of our constant fear of it and very disciplined steps/workflow and most importantly great support from our clients. So , as part of our strict data safety workflow we wish the following from your end:
*One unit of 2TB-external portable hard drive.
*One unit of 4TB-external with power hard drive.

Yes we deliver each and every raw image in the hard drive.

No we don’t provide framing services at present.

We keep your files for maximum of three months.

Yes! We also take pictures which you want

You can reschedule your shoot.(Terms & Conditions applied)

We use the best equipments.
For more information- http://rentlo.com/

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